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Rancid with WebSVN on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS

I’ve run across a lot of guides out there to setting up Rancid with WebSVN, but none of them quite worked for me just going step-by-step. ┬áThis will be my effort to document the process that I am using to get this going. In this guide, I’m assuming that you already have a functioning apache2 […]

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Lab it up!

Have had the home lab running for a bit now, here’s the run-down: 3 x 1841 routers 1 x 3640 router 2 x 3550 24 port switches 1 2950 24 port switch Driving it all is a 2611 with an NM-16A/S, to make all of the management conveniently OOB. Setting up the 2611 turned out […]