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Lab it up!

Have had the home lab running for a bit now, here’s the run-down:

3 x 1841 routers

1 x 3640 router

2 x 3550 24 port switches

1 2950 24 port switch

Driving it all is a 2611 with an NM-16A/S, to make all of the management conveniently OOB.

Setting up the 2611 turned out to be much easier than I expected, mostly a matter of plugging it in, cabling it up, and finding the line numbers (#show line).  Config on the lines looks like this:

line 33 48
transport input all

Setup telnet with local authentication, gave it an IP on my network and I’m off to the races. Prepending ’20’ to the port number will get you connected to any of the lines.  So, in my case, port 2033 on the IP assigned to the 2611 will connect me to the console port on the first device. Obviously, I’d rather be using SSH for it, but it’s on my internal network, hidden well away from the eyes of the public internet, so I’m not going to worry about that bit of it just yet.

I’d like to give a mention to – I’m currently enrolled in their online instructor-led CCNA course, they have been doing a great job running it.  Thanks guys!

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